teacher mini-grants


The Northwestern Lehigh Educational Foundation (NWLEF) began the “Teacher Mini-Grant Program” for permanent teachers in the Northwestern Lehigh School District in 2007. Each year the Foundation allocates a certain amount of funds to be awarded to individual or groups of teachers who apply for grants that will enhance the teaching in their classroom. Our goal is to provide teachers an avenue to implement projects in their classroom that are outside of the normal operating budget. Since inception, the program has grown via fundraising and committed funds from the Northwestern Lehigh Alumni Association.  

Recently Funded Projects

Hydroponics & Aeroponics in The Classroom


" I am thrilled to add aeroponics to my Biology 2/College Biology dual-enrollment course.  It will fit in perfectly in the botany unit.  This semester we will be using the Tower Garden.  Invented by the same scientist that created the hydroponic gardens at Disney World's Epcot center, this set-up will allow my students to grow a variety of lettuces and herbs in a short amount of time.  With this technology in my classroom, the students will learn how aeroponics uses less natural resources and produce plants three times faster with 30% more growth.I am so grateful for the foundation's gracious grant which funded this project!" - Mr. Steve Weiss, Science Teacher

Study Sync


"I would love to thank the Foundation for the generous purchases I have received. My grant this year was to pilot the online series of StudySync. I cannot say enough about this program and how much is has to offer in regards to helping my students achieve success in reading. The best part is the students enjoy the program and are engaged!" - Mrs. Heather Fugazatto, English Teacher

Wobble Chairs to Reduce the Wiggles


"Our wiggle seats have given the first graders more opportunities to be kids while learning!  Whether we are using the wiggle seat to reward good behavior or giving a child with ADHD an chance to wiggle out some of the pent up movement he/she has, you can always find a smile on a child sitting in a wiggle seat!  From the whole first grade team, we thank you for the opportunity to let our first graders be kids!" - Mrs. Trish Holmes, First Grade Teacher

What projects are eligible?

  • All projects which fulfill our mission are eligible. www.nwlef.org
  • Priority will be given to projects which are innovative in nature and represent a fundamental advance in the manner in which curriculum is taught.
  • Grant funds designated for approved project should be used for educational materials and supplies that are not consumable.
  • Any equipment purchased through this grant becomes the property of the Northwestern Lehigh School District.
  • All teachers receiving grants are expected to acknowledge the NWLEF on their teacher website and provide a link to our Foundation site.

In addition to fulfilling the NWLEF mission, proposed projects should:

  •  Provide a significant and defined benefit to the students;
  • Represent a new (or the rethinking of an existing) educational initiative;
  • Have potential for replication or dissemination among teachers and/or schools;
  • Be outside the normal budget or planning considerations;
  • Projects might also explore use and integration of new technologies, expand student experiential learning opportunities, and/or engage families and/or communities in education.

The NWLEF believes that the success of the Teacher Mini-Grant Program is core to our success as an organization — we want to impact students on a daily basis and the best way to do that is through our teachers. 

Application Timeline

Round 1

  •    10/16/19: Applications Due
  •    11/15/19: Teacher Notification
  •    12/2/19: Funds to District

Round 2

  •    2/21/20: Applications Due
  •    3/30/20: Teacher Notification
  •    4/6/20: Funds to District

Application Process

  1.  Talk with your building administrator about your application idea(s).
  2. In reviewing items to be purchased, search for or negotiate best price with approved District vendors. Please be aware of application timeline and consider anticipated item costs (including shipping) at time of application approvals when formulating your project budget. Be sure to utilize your building and district resources as needed to understand prices.
  3. Complete the online application. Answers are required to all questions. 
  4. Include links to websites with further information about items you are looking to purchase. If you need to send additional information, please scan documents and send to NWLEF-Allocations@nwlehighsd.org.
  5. If your application is for a program that may need additional funding after this initial grant, you will need to request an email from your Principal indicating their financial/budget support of the program after the initial grant period. This email should be sent to NWLEF-Allocations@nwlehighsd.org.


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